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11 x 15ft Pirate Themed Castle

$ Arr me hearties... If ye like bouncing the seven seas then this be the castle for ye! #

The pirate themed 11 x 15ft bouncy castle is that little bit taller perfect for all ages of children. The pirate theme is great that extra WOW Factor boys of all ages will love it.

Let your children go on a pirate adventure of their own, it's a brand new bouncy castle only purchased in mid July 2015 and lovingly maintained since then. The artwork is stunning making it look much more appealing.

Featuring a large step at the front it is also safer for younger children to stop them accidentally bouncing out onto a harder floor and a rain cover for if the weather gets a bit stormy!

Standard Hire Price: £65.00


If measuring your garden please allow and extra foot either side to adjust for the castle moving as it is used and two foot at the back for the fan. If you are unsure if the castle will fit please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone using the details at the top of the page.

11ft wide by 15ft in length
3.35m by 4.57m
10'2ft or 3.10m
No Of Users
Upto 1m tall = 7users
1m-1.2m = 5users
1.2m-1.3m = 4users
1.3m+ No Users Allowed


Standard Hire Price


Overnight Hire Price


Weekend Hire Price



Perfect to keep my kids busy on summer vacation! They loved it will definitely be back next year for a much deserved holiday of my own!
Mia - Preston