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17 x 21ft Gladiator Arena Hire

The Gladiator arena is the ultimate spectator piece, two contestants with foam battons make it onto the podiums for a best of three knockout with loads of laughs!

Standard Hire Price: £125.00


If measuring your garden please allow and extra foot either side to adjust for the castle moving as it is used and two foot at the back for the fan. If you are unsure if the castle will fit please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone using the details at the top of the page.

17ft wide by 21ft in length
5.18m by 6.40m
4ft or 1.21m "the height of the user will be on top of this.
No Of Users
Upto 1m tall = 2users
1m-1.2m = 2users
1.2m-1.3m = 2users
1.3m+ = 2users


Standard Hire Price


Overnight Hire Price


Weekend Hire Price



We cant thank you enough for the fantastic service and equipment it made the summer fete especially the gladiators, we got the micky and minnie costume characters up there for a few rounds everyone was laughing themselves to tears will be sure to book again next year.
Susan Paige - Preston