TEL: 01253 983909

MOB: 07834 348 169

Q:  Has the castle got a roof?  

Q: Does the castle have to be plugged in?

Q: Does the unit have to be set up on grass?

Q:  What if it rains on the day?  

Q:   Do you have Public Liability Insurance?  

Q: When will the inflatable be delivered?  

Q: Do you charge for delivery?  

Q: Do you stay with the unit?  

Q: How much does it cost to run the castle all day?   

Q: Can the inflatable be used indoors?   

Q:  Do I have to leave the castle plugged in?  

Q: My event is in a field & has no electric supply; can you still supply a castle?  

Q:   I need to cancel the booking for another reason. How do I go about it?  

Q: My party doesn't start until late afternoon. How long can I have the unit for?

Q: Do you erect castles in community gardens in the grounds of flats?