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15 x 15ft Combi Castle & Slide

The combi castle is really the best of both worlds, with a castle and a slide your children will never get bored. Enough for up to six children at once this castle features a contained roof and a bright cheerful design.

Standard Hire Price: £70.00


If measuring your garden please allow and extra foot either side to adjust for the castle moving as it is used and two foot at the back for the fan. If you are unsure if the castle will fit please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone using the details at the top of the page.

15ft wide by 15ft in length
4.57m by 4.57m
10ft or 3.05m
No Of Users
Upto 1m tall = 8 users
1m-1.2m = 6 users
1.2m-1.3m = 5 users
1.3m+ No Users Allowed


Standard Hire Price


Overnight Hire Price


Weekend Hire Price



Brilliant suggestion for my kids Phil! Didnt want them getting bored with just one or the other knocked em right out with this, cheers again.

Alan Simmons - Fleetwood